Do we really want to live forever ?

A couple of years back, I used to look at people who were concerned about getting old with contempt. You know, of the kind who spent a fortune for every cosmetic cream on the market that promised them to look younger than they were. For one – that would be deceiving people (we’re even discouraged from dyeing grey hair black so we do not deceive )and two – why were they ashamed of their age ? I mean,  everyone will get old and will die one day no matter what.  They could die from a car accident on the way back home from the mall they just bought the cream from.  This life is so temporary.  They’d rather focus the same anxiety to ensure that they utilize every iota of time that they get so they would have no regrets about having missed opportunities  later on as the hours and years pass.

Hypocritically, I am now feeling the heat as I grow older and older , now that I am no longer the teenager who had the world before him  and a great potential for the future; well that future is almost here, and I am under pressure to fulfill those dreams I had back then. Not all things went according to script in this phase, and I want time to freeze so I can catch up. Perhaps, it is some similar kind of feeling with those middle-aged uncles who have a mid-life crisis of sorts about what they are doing with their lives. The aunties who indulge in age-hiding are just worried that they are no longer  “attractive” to the opposite sex.

But, I digress. I read this article on the BBC  about scientific research and interest into halting or reversing the process of aging. And the desire in some people to remain alive – perhaps young, forever and ever.

“Truly, the life of this world is nothing but a [quick passing] enjoyment, and verily, the Hereafter that is the home that will remain forever.” [Qur’an, 40:39]

The lack of belief in any life after death (or the certainty of hell after death :-) ) may make us never want to die.  Why not spend the time we get here to prepare for this everlasting life after death ?  Having a good job and family, a lawful income,  a good life of satisfaction and happiness, helping others, and thankfulness to God  would make great preparation for the hereafter – and certainly make a great life on this earth too !


The unstoppable flight of time

There is a sense of helplessness as the seconds and minutes and days fly by without ever being able to get them back, even as I write this piece.

Why, I found it hard to fathom how I am at the fag end of this semester, in December when I sat back and saw through the calendar – I have no clue now about  how I let  time fly by so fast without ever realizing it ; the semester seemed to have started only recently. November seemed to have started just yesterday and well, you’re at the end of it.

I was browsing through a few old pictures on my computer – as I see it now, I had such a baby face just one and a half years back.  There is that sense of the need to be able to hold on to time and freeze it – to stop growing, to stop having to go through the cycle where you’re no longer young, you’re adult, and responsibilities are on your shoulders, where your roles  and responsibilities in life are not changing, where you still have the world before you,  and a lot of ‘potential’ for the future – but that future is now, and there is intense pressure to materialize that potential that people talked about years back in reference to me.

It’s the last few days in the semester and there’s loads of work to do. Wishing myself the best for my finals and the grades !