Comments on Islam.

In my previous post on Islamophobia, I talked about how the media coverage on any subject, even about Islam and Muslims, doesn’t necessarily match what the people on the street feel like.

I stumbled upon this adhan video from youtube and the comments, though moderated, made by non-Muslims gladdened me.

A section of the comments are posted here:


“Islam is not Osama bin Laden, Judaism is not Bernard Madoff, Christianity is not Adolf Hitler, Buddhism is not Pol Pot”

“to all muslims, from a jewish man: we are brothers, the sons of isaac are the brothers of the sons of ishmael. i remember how when the jews were kicked out of spain, muslims in the east gave us refuge. aleichem shalom!”

“even though i’m not exactly religious ive always been fascinated by Islam and it’s people. Even though Muslims are treated badly in things like the media, every Muslim I’ve met has been so nice and caring. plus this Prayer is so peaceful and beautiful.”

“Respect to all religions. I am catholic. I found this melody to be very amazing. It would be an honor to go to these countries and wake up by the voice and melody of this beautiful prayer”

“I am a Christian residing in Salt Lake, Utah, USA. I love my muslim friends and neighbors dearly. You have a beautiful culture and history. You have contributed so much to humanity. Thank you for just being who you are and honoring your heritage. You are always welcome here in Utah.”

“Peace and Respect between religions is always possible! Different names, One God!
Extremism is the on to be erradicated, from everywhere!”

“I feel desolated by the way the jews treat Muslims and particularly the Palestinians.
God bless you all, because your God is my God, there is only one for all.
Many Regards. Marlene”

“nd I think you shall find peace. I was born into Orthodox Christianity but have a great amount of respect for Islam. It’s core values being love and respect but mostly faith towards God who happens to be the same for all 3 Major religions.”

“My little 3 year old girl (christian) playing so happily with four other similar aged little girls and boys (muslim) in the local park the other day. None of them were bothered of their colour, beliefs etc . . . They were so so happy playing together. We as parents just stood together, again, not bothered by our religious difference, colour etc. We were so so happy together ! Why is it that we fight ? We should learn from our own children !”

“I’m Jewish and the quotes you picked out are really wonderful, and reflect what I believe to be the true loving nature of Islam, just like any other faith. Lets stop the hate and create unity. The azan has always been a fascinating and beautiful chant.”

“I am a Sephardic Jew… Truly this is beautiful. I have friends who are Muslims and I respect their faith. We should not judge one another we serve the same God, who has many names…Allah, YahWeh, Yahshua… Only God can judge us… and in the end we all die and our bodies return to the dirty… where will your spirit go? Love and do not hate…”

“I’m Jewish, but recently decided to find out about Islam, not just by reading books & watching videos, but by actually visiting a Mosque (on a regular basis); not only any Mosque, but a PALESTINIAN mosque (believe me, it took a lot of guts).What I found shocked me!These Muslims welcomed and embraced me even more lovingly than my own people.I find it hard not to like them.They are what every pious Jew is called to be.Gosh! “

“this is truely wonderful i’m a christian but i have the greatest respect for muslims and i can’t understand why many people don’t like muslims”

“Iam a Christian but this voice brought me to tears ,, what a great voice and sweet word”. Many such comments talking about how emotional the commenter got on listening to the adhan were made.

“I am catholic. I found this melody to be very amazing. It would be an honor to go to these countries and wake up by the voice and melody of this beautiful prayer.”

“I’m jewish and Israeli, and I must admit that it’s one of the most beatiful things I’ve ever heard”

And of course, there were many people who declared their conversion to Islam in the comments, while some expressed their intention to do so.

“I converted to Islam 6 months ago and its the best.”

“The Azan is so beautiful… i had always heard it through youtube but my friend recently went back home & when he called me it was time to pray & i heard it.. nothing but tears came to my eyes…Alhamdulilah I have chosen the right path to revert to Islam. <3”

“assalamu alaikum,i’m 15, i have accepted Islam”

“Though I am not a Muslim, I find so much peace in this exercise of the spirit. Perhaps one day, God willing, I can overcome my weaknesses and convert.”

“I’ll convert to Islam…. the truth way..they have all the answers about life!!!”

“I will convert to Islam officially soon, but in my hart am already submitted to the will,grace and mercy of Allah”

“This call to prayer is the one that made me curious about knowing what islam is all about,and guess what I found?the truth I’d been looking for 38yrs!Thanks to Allah for guiding me to Islam.”

I mined many more comments, but I think, you’ve got my point by now :).