Telling women where to pray (via wood turtle)

We all have faced this problem. Women, if they are allowed to pray at all in the Masjids,   face issues which discourage them from visiting them. Quite often, this prevents them from acquiring spiritual training and gaining knowledge, and this has a cascading effect on the family and children.

Having seen the frustration of my own mother and sisters at the Masjids, this article though obviously harsh, made a lot of sense and is worth a read.

telling women where to pray We’ve all been there at least once.  In the corner of a dusty and briyani-debris ridden floor. In the windowless basement. On the second floor, inaccessible balcony with frosted viewing windows. In the front room of a house, with boarded up windows and a tv projection. In a barren false room with a tv projection. Behind a curtain. Under the stairs next to the janitorial closet.  Behind a wall.  In the room across from the morgue. In the back, pas … Read More