Trust and Loneliness

“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.” ( de Balzac)

A crowded room with friends and acquaintances. There is a good chance that one could be more lonely here than when alone. And lonely is not the same as being alone.

The difference, as I look at it, is trust.

 There are always people around us, whether we move to a new place or  whether we are with the same set of people and in the same place all our lives.
But trust makes all the difference. Leaving aside the small talk, the pleasantries, sports, weather, and politics, do you trust the people around you – do you trust anyone around you – to open up, to talk freely and frankly?

Opening up is giving a piece of yourself to someone. It is making yourself vulnerable to potential negative reactions, to exploitation, negative judgement, anger or annoyance, to estrangement and alienation. It has risks.
Do you trust someone to keep your honor in society and privacy intact? To give you their honest and sincere advice? To maintain a deserved confidentiality? To not judge you negatively no matter what you share?  To push you in the good and discourage you from the bad?  To not snap and break ties, no matter what you share with them?
Is this trust mutual?

Look around you, and build trust with people. You would naturally grow to trust some more than others. Loneliness goes away as you start trusting and mutually sharing with others. And being there for each other.
But stay on guard – even the strongest and deepest of trusts can and have been broken, and hearts have been devastated.
Human beings were made to be fallible. We falter and fall.

Complete and comprehensive, unbreakable trust can only be in God – only God is perfect, infallible and absolutely trustworthy. He is close to you, closer to you than your jugular vein. Develop a relationship with Him – directly with Him. Bring Him into your life, be honest with Him and open up to Him. Pray to Him. Ask Him for guidance. Trust Him to make a path for you, to bring peace into your life, to be there for you, in times of happiness and difficulty. To have a known or unknown reason and benefit in any situation He puts you in, when you trust Him. that He is looking out for you.
But before you begin to trust anyone, there is something that you need to work on.

Trust yourself.


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