Tell People How much They Mean to You

“Wow, am I the first person you called?” A good friend asked me with an obviously elated tone.
“Umm, no…uhmm,..third maybe?”
“Wow, am I the third person you called?” 

“Umm…err, actually, well …yeah, I guess.”

It was a happy day, one of two biggest religious festivals in a year. More so, this was in a year when my confidence was sky-high. The money was flowing in, I had an internship, I was doing well in school.

Over time, and through the hard way, one of the things I have learned is how illogical it is to hide how we really feel about others, from them.

Illogical because letting them know would not reduce one’s standing one bit. Illogical because somehow, to me, it was embarrassing to let this friend know how important he is to me. I hesitated to tell him he was the third person I had called that day. In reality, I lied.

He was the first person I thought of, to call on the happy occasion. And he was the first person I called.

Why are we scared of revealing how important others are to us, to them?  I know I am not the only one who does this. Isn’t sharing with them only going to make them happy?


Edit: This post was sitting in my drafts, for months. I would know why this kind of sharing is not always a good idea, months later. Future blog material.


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