Really achieving your childhood dreams is all about breaking the cycle of procrastination

I haven’t been writing here lately, and have a lot of catching up to do as far as getting up to speed with new posts in my Google Reader full of subscribed blogs is concerned.  I would have liked to say I was quite busy the last few weeks as the semester is ending soon, but those who know me would know that it was more of being stressed out about submissions  than actually staying busy working on these submissions that kept me away from many good things in life (there are exceptions )

I checked my virtual countdown timer again – I have FIVE days to finish my thesis work. That this deadline was set by myself was enough motivation to not be motivated to try to finish it on time.  As things, are, I am nowhere close to finishing this on time. Someone famously said:

Go ahead, do it. Don’t wait. It won’t get easier. There won’t be a better time. So start. Right now. Just stop procrastinating, already!

Talking about procrastination (something about which I have shared here before), I spent a weekend choking up reading Randy Pausch and his battle with pancreatic cancer.  It brought back tearful memories of the time my family went through when  two uncles went through  horrific and painful battles with cancer.

Dr. Randy Pausch

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His talk on time management was actually played in class last semester. His message hit me strong because he was showing how little time he had before he would die of cancer, and how there was the need to get as much as possible done in that time.

We all have limited time ourselves to get our work done, and limited time to get the things that we want in life to be done.
Another landmark speech that pushed Randy Pausch to worldwide fame was called – The Final Speech – Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams shows how he goes on to achieve everything he wanted to in life, and this was no surprise considering how he lived his life going by his Time management talk.  I could relate to him because he had been a Computer Science graduate student at a top school, and later on was a professor at the same school. A lot of this lecture spoke about his life in the academia which I am in and frequently go through similar situations and conversations.

He is my newest hero; an inspiration to achieve what we want to, and live up to what we are worth,  indeed !

Check out his battle with cancer (twitter style ) here and his page here.


4 thoughts on “Really achieving your childhood dreams is all about breaking the cycle of procrastination

  1. Hey! I read The Last Lecture my senior year of high school and it really got to me too. I wish I could have met Randy Pausch before his life was cut short…Anyway, good luck on your thesis!

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