One down, three to go.

It is that time of the year when finals are in full swing. When  there is one skipped meal after another and one sleepless night before the next.

The first exam/ demonstration yesterday turned out to be much pleasant and easier than I had imagined. The professor was like “you guys were awesome…… Awesome job ! Awesome….and another awesome repeated at the end. Of course, the presentation was interspersed with other compliments too.

Well, we know  how our job was so NOT out of the ordinary. We know he was being nice, and that making a good presentation made us project what was in fact a pebble to be a mountain. Lessons learned:

1) Pay more attention to presentation than the actual meat of a project – you know, like designing the front end  and stuff when you are short on time. Makes a huge difference.

2) Be verbose and take ten sentences to convey what could have been done in one sentence.

3)Do not procrastinate ! Get your exams done before others in your class show their’s. If not, the examiner would start making mental comparisons between your work and that of others.  And of course, starting your work sooner helps ! But I’ve been saying that to myself most of my life though. Not that it has helped me in getting my work done anytime before the 11th hour.

4)It helps when your professor knows little about your project domain.

Off to the other mega-exams now !




Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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