Has DST ended ?

Well,the right thing to say   is that DST(Daylight savings time) has already  ended on November 7th at 2 AM this year. But the really right thing to say is, what if I say DST has always been there ? Is there anything wrong to say that I have been on  DST ever since   I was born ? Can I not  dream of a day when there would be no more DST ?
Before you think I am under influence, I actually meant “Desi Standard Time” the second time.

And in my defence on the weirdness of my above sentence, I was only (failing-ly)trying to copy the rhetoric style of Colin Powel as he was answering questions about Obama being a Muslim.

It’s not really a time zone in a specific geographical area – the time on DST is nothing but a minimum of five minutes after the correct  time in your area.
Desis are usually known for turning up (much) later than the assigned time for any meeting or gathering, turning in work late, or barely managing to complete it in time. Starting work or travel at the last possible moment, reaching the class or work late or at the last possible moment.
It is almost a given that desi social gatherings  like marriage or other  family functions will actually start from 9 PM if the announced time is 7 PM.  The effect is most pronounced in meetings in school,  in the MSA or other campus organizations which have a lot of desi students.
I am not excluding myself  –  I am a desi too.
This Desi standard time is a butt of jokes in the community.  It is just a reflection of the stereotyped  procrastinating nature of desi (South Asian ) people.

I wish to say this to myself and all my co-desis:

Go ahead, do it. Don’t wait. It won’t get easier. There won’t be a better time. So start. Right now. Just stop procrastinating, already!

PS: I had to make this post about 20 days back, but finally posted at the right time on my watch which is on DST.


One thought on “Has DST ended ?

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