Why I Deserve The Nobel Prize (via MirrorCracked)

The Nobel prizes are being given away. There was controversy when they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to a Chinese anti-government (and most probably supported by foreign powers who have no interest in China’s well-being)activist in jail.  Propaganda wars. China protested and cried foul. The western ‘democratic’ world had a mischievous smile :).

While, I am no fan of Communist-ic China, as I made clear in an earlier post , it is clear our western nations work in innovative ways against countries  which might pose problems to their hegemony,  all the while, using concepts of human rights and democracy and so on. All this, only when it suits them.

Like in Iran ( Lack of human/women’s rights, democracy/theocracy, fraud election, freedoms to protest etc ), Venezuela (same reasons ), Cuba, Palestine and so on.

But these noble ideals evaporate into thin air when violation of human rights and dictatorships suits them and their continued hegemony.  Examples –  Support and propping up of dictators and gross violators of human rights in many places like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and others.

What’s more, they even work against these ideals of democracy and human rights if it suits them so. Examples – , organizing velvet revolutions in pro-Russian countries like Ukraine, Georgia and so on to topple democratically elected governments that didn’t help in furthering their global control; not allowing a democratically elected organization in Palestine to run the country though they were elected in an internationally observed free and fair election (but I can agree with the reasoning here – that this organization resorts to terrorism of civilians of a rival country. It’s another matter that the rival country does the same against the people this organization claims to represent). Media propaganda campaigns against Russia, China and Iran are the norm too.

I would always want and prefer the freedoms of the west, but a total selfish colonialist mentality of considering only one’s own interests even if at the cost of others is what I detest.

Talking of nobel prizes, here’s a funny post by a person who explains why he should be awarded all the nobel prizes that are out there. A Nobel sweep !

Why I Deserve The Nobel Prize With a little less than three hours to go for the Nobel Prize 2010 Announcement Ceremony in Sweden, I have decided to enter the race in all the available categories. This post is meant to be read by the arbiters of the Swedish Royal Academy and I do hope that they don’t make the mistake of overlooking me and my remarkable achievements in this regard. I deserve the Nobel Prize for the following compelling reasons. I am an honest man and none of wh … Read More



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