A nothing-for trouble one more time !

I had been searching for my campus card all over the campus. For an entire week.

I thought I hadn’t seen it since I came from the gym last Sunday. So, I made the campus activity center staff run around and search for my campus card. Twice.  On different days. Since I did not have my campus card, I could not get into my lab by swiping my card. Unless there was someone else already inside who would open the door for me.I could not get into the Interfaith center to pray, I could not borrow anything from the library. I could not use the campus shuttle.

After all this trouble for a week,  I finally decided to pay the fine and get a replacement card. A final heavy check of my bag for the 10th time by clearing all its contents was what I decided to do.  And well, there it was – my campus card slipped out of the realms of paper buried in my bag. Heh ! Shouldn’t I have first searched my own bag comprehensively before looking elsewhere , sheesh !

Snickering to myself, nostalgic scenes of my sister shouting at me filled my head as I walked back, for doing something like this more than once before.

I have even searched for my glasses all over the house while having those in my hand once, before. So, this was less extraordinary.


Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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