A Cyber nanny pulling your ear !

For those of us who can’t stop ourselves from getting repeatedly distracted by hopping on to social networking websites during and between classes, homework, Salaah time and so on ,  like me, and don’t have a nanny to watch over you and pull you away from things that divert time from studies, here is an electronic version – a chrome nanny ! It works with the  Google Chrome browser that I use. There are similar versions for Firefox.

I found it to be an awesome second line of defense against falling to the facebook temptation when you know you’ve got more important work to do ! The first line of defense, of course is your own powers of concentration and focus on the job at hand, and strength to stay away from distracting things.

I installed it yesterday and seems to have worked wonders ! It closes a tab or window with the distracting websites as soon as I hit the URL before they get loaded.  I could set the hours between which I can not open these websites, like between 10 AM to 5 PM, and I could also set the maximum  number of minutes in a day that I want to allow myself to browse on the selected website. 60 minutes in a day for Facebook ! That looks like a lot of time too, but only points to the amount of time I was putting on something while I had more productive things to do. I could also give myself unlimited time on the weekends :)

And of course, when the urge for distraction overpowers your resolve to get your school work done, and the nanny doesn’t allow you to get distracted, what would you do ? Just remove the nanny-blocked website from the Chrome extension settings and get back on track right ? Well, I tried just that, finding it difficult to not have a look at my facebook wall in the middle of work. The person who programmed the extension is surely well aware of human tendencies. LOL!

This is the rude shock I got when I tried to do just that.

It asks you to enter the lonnng text in a textbox into another textbox below when you try to change a rule you set yourself for a website. No cut-copy-paste possible. Character sensitive. I laughed out loud at myself, did enter around 10 characters before giving up. I then gave up trying to open the distracting website . Works huh!



Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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