Ignorance at display ! Qur’an the word of God is safe as ever.

In my previous post, I had talked about how ignorant, Islam haters are harming themselves in the hereafter by insulting God. (That their hatred of Islam is also a result of ignorance is another matter and worthy of another post). Pastor Jones may have backed out of his Qur’an burning exercise, but he surely managed to trigger other people to do the same. May God have mercy on them all !

News story : Six christians rip pages from the Qur’an.

News story :2 Local Men Burn Quran Despite Protest – Nashville , Tenessee

Koran Burning at Ground Zero, Man burns Quran on 9 11: Well, they took off this video.

But I got another one from a user called “Dove World Outreach Center”, the same tiny church that had threatened to burn the Qur’an.


May God help them repent from the excesses they have committed by insulting God’s Own Word, and save all of us from His wrath in the hereafter !


Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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