End of a whole year here!

Finally. My second semester in graduate school has ended with one last exam. It is a good feeling and I am looking forward to a good break for sometime. It’s not that I feel elated since I know it is going to be a busy summer for me with a lot of work.

I expect decent if not perfect grades this semester which was largely a breeze compared to the previous Fall semester which had me go through some of the most anxious days of my life.

I have had a  memorable time in the last six months or so, having had courses which seemed easier to handle, work that I enjoyed doing and interspersed with these, were other moments of joy –  having experienced  what Obama called the “Snowmageddon”, the wonderful  sightseeing trips, getting to spend time with my cousin, and a  trip to the west coast. The only negative factor, a major one at that, which managed to eat into the blissful life was my inability to find a scholarship that would pay for my huge tuition – I just did not want my parents to spend again on me but that was not to be. I am not taking that to heart now since it is convenient to ignore it.

I sign off now, off to enjoy the few days I have before the summer grind starts.

Leaving behind a few pictures from the last few months for your viewing pleasure.


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