The Cherry Blossom festival parade and nostalgia !

Another Saturday was here and I was all set to jog up to the campus, to the activity center, volunteer at a table there for a campus organization I work for during an early morning function to welcome new students to the campus, and then head to the library to chat and hang around with my laptop all day and with undergraduate  friends in the evenings- pretty much the same schedule on most Saturdays.

This time though, and thankfully so, as I was jogging outside early morning, some of my Indian classmates found me  and asked to join them for a trip to the Cherry Blossom festival in DC. Without having a ticket to the event and without even making a decision, I nodded and hopped in to the car  just as I was without anything-a ticket, money, water,food etc., whatsoever and in gym clothes. They had an extra ticket anyway. So there I was, apparently all set for the trip.  Before the bus started, I went up to the activity center, spoke to my friends waiting there for me and then finally decided to go ahead with the impromptu decision to make the trip. Hopped on to the bus.

The trip was worth it – the pink and white flowered trees (?) were all awesome ,  especially around Hayne’s point,something I had hardy seen before, apart from the odd pink trees here and there around where I live.  The flowers they say, remain for just one week before they are shed away and the trees just have the green leaves on them.  The Cherry Blossom parade  on Constitution avenue was awesome too, reminding me of the good old days when I used to attend the Dasara parade in Mysore, India.  Stunt masters, singers, marching bands, TV personalities were all part of the parade and it didn’t take me long during the parade itself to be glad for having come here for a good change from the monotonous and boring weekends that I usually have at home and in school.  After spending considerable time taking pictures at the Washington monument, we went to see the White House – the tulips in the White House garden and outside of it made the building look really wonderful.  After a lot of walking searching for a place suitable to eat, we finally went back to the Jefferson memorial, did some ‘window shopping’ and  I was back at home by 7. A day well spent, though the lack of sleep the previous night and loads of walking made it very tiring.

It was a beautiful day throughout with pleasant weather. The mood was festive everywhere, kids were playing around, flying kites, playing Frisbee and playing with a ball with their family, it was a picnic for  families everywhere with people  sitting on sheets laid on the grass and having food with the kids,  some were lazing on the grass as the children played in front of them.  No wonder I missed my childhood strongly as I was reminded of times when we used to have outings just like these with my parents and my siblings in Saudi Arabia and in India, oh it was so heavenly ! It has been eons of time since we had a family time like that ! We’ve grown up and will never get back those happy care-free days ever, in this life on earth at least, which makes me sad.  I just want time to freeze and stop the fleeting days months and years. Oh God, I’m 22 already and have responsibilities coming up ! I really wished my parents were there with me right there near the constitution avenue, mom would have made the biryani she used to, and we could sit by the Washington monument on the grass, have lunch together and then play outside  :(

Signing of with some pictures from the short trip, which incidentally is my 5th to DC in the last couple of months :).


Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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