Of Community Appeasing and Communty Bashing

“We have on one hand a party which supports religion which froms the majority. On the other hand the parties which supports bashing the majority and/or supporting minorities.. And media is of the opinion that hindu bashing means secular and who ever supports the majority religion are communal! Razz Down with sickularism..”

This is the most common quip by people who have paranoid delusions of  subjugation of their community in “their own country”(They forget the 20 crores of people who had the accident of birth in a different community and India is “their” country too) And this is the retort that is encountered when such people are questioned about Gujarat carnage, Kandhamal riots etc.,questions replying to which, they virtually condone, or worse, encourage with glee the bestial acts of rape, murder and pillage.
I reply thus-I am eager to know whether implicit/explicit encouragement and/or perpetration of atrocities, terrorism against innocents just because they had the accident of birth in another community can be called “supporting” any community, and whether unequivocally condemning any such injustice can be called “bashing” a community.
Anyone saying yes is primarily insulting his own religion and his own religious texts in the name of which he does so. Let him go and try to validate his affirmation through his religious texts.
If India is full of sickularists, and there never had been a true ‘secularist’, why can’t one be a true secularist and fill the void? And Gandhiji, an epitome of truth and justice, was definitely a secularist(note the difference in the definition of secularism by Gandhiji and Nehru), and he was assassinated by a person who was neither a secularist nor a sickularist, but a so-called “supporter” of the majority community.
P.S :IMO, An effect of the mindset created by fascist propaganda over decades.(Nazi Party had created similar sentiments against Jews in Germany. And Germany had to be ‘cleansed’ and ‘purified’ of them to bring back the glory of their race in the past generations.(whatever that encompasses and means).


Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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