Its amazing how much people hate others, for mere accidental reasons and still think of themselves as rational and educated. Accidental reasons like the place of their birth, the community they were born in, the color of their skin, the language they speak, heck, even the type of their hair. Things, over which the person hated had absolutely no control. This ‘rationality’ of the educated mass goes to show how much really man has grown from his days in the caves, and how much civilization has really progressed.
People hate others because they are from Africa(Just try asking a black African student in Mysore University how he was treated all over India); people hate others because the other is a ‘Muslim’, or a ‘Hindu’. People hate others because they are not Marathi.
In this cycle of hate, and counter- hate, values enforced by the accidental background(such as religion), or innate values, also derived from a rational approach, such as politeness, truth, peace, justice, are unceremoniously thrown to the bin by the very followers who think they are passionate and loyal to their religion(in this example). Swearing, abuse, shedding of blood, falsehood, etc become their tools with which they try to undermine whom they hate-the very tools so abhorred by the religions they claim to follow. The hate which they have, makes them lose their sense of justice and ability to see what should be so obvious.( For example, a murder of a youth simply because he belonged to a particular community-and then it being condoned-though, any person without hate and with a fair sense of justice would realize how wrong it was)
If a person is hated not for anything, but his actual worth, for his indolence, corruption, crimes against humanity, his foul behavior, foul language, etc, it surely does make sense, and stereotyping an entire community for the actions of a few does not( I know many people who squarely call all Blacks in the US crime-mongers) But those immersed in hate, and who have closed their minds to further thought or opinions, will not make sense.


Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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