Examples I am talking about:

This is from a discussion I had on Edulix -a site for ‘scholars’,where a person hates a community for simply no rational reason, and these are the people who hate someone simply because they had the accident of birth in an atmosphere and environment different from their own.
(00:06:01) r****j: but I am a racist when it comes to the f****d up Allah-followers :|

I wanted to point this out to this person: an equally hate-filled person from the community he hates would have had no qualms in giving back a reply like : the f*****s- the monkey, snake and elephant worshipers .

Equally easy. But how much do you think this is civilized. Wonder how much these people who claim to follow their religion so zealously actually know what their religion is, and how much they have really read their religion from the original sources.(Many people listen to hate-filled rants from ‘learned’ men, and then think they know a lot about their religion).


Peace! Please let me know what you think!

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